The serving plates matter! It is not only about good presentation; a Chef needs his/her plate of inspiration. We are happy to share that our suppliers are Pordamsa, which have been manufacturing for over 35 years and their show room is more than 2 000 square meters.
Each plate is handmade; each plate is designed with a thought for art, excellence at its best! We are not the only one, No1 restaurant for 2015 “El Celler De Can Roca” 3 Michelin stars, Alex Atala  /2 Michelin stars/, Martin Berasategui /3 Michelin stars/, Gilles Goujon /3 Michelin stars/, Yusuke Takada /1 Michelin star/, Andre Chiang 3 /Michelin stars/, Eneko Atxa /3 Michelin Stars/, Albert Sastregener /1 Michelin Star/, Angel Leon /2 Michelin stars/. Pordamsa should be used by each chef who wants to rise above the average.