Using good products is a must in the culinary world. Together with our students, we took a trip to Istanbul.
Egypt Bazaar and Grand Bazaar are located in the former district of ‪‎Istanbul – Eminonu – which is relatively close to the Golden Horn Bridge. Grand Bazaar is a market area consisting of small mini-markets, coffee-houses, pastry shops, mini restaurants, souvenir shops, spice shops, etc. One can easily get lost because of its enormous size.
You can sense the unique atmosphere and culture – people stack fresh and organic ‪‎food on their stands, brag about their products, bargain with customers, advertise their goods – just amazing!
Egypt Bazaar is the most famous shopping area after Grand Bazaar. There are more than 85 shops which sell spices, cheese, sausages, pastries and some other craft culinary products.
Most of the salesmen treated us with tea and delicious pastries!