In the past weekend, our teachers at Culinary Arts Institute – Chef Kris Zysk, Chef Mihail Georgiev and Pavel Yordanov from “Student Admissions Department” were guests of three Bulgarian high schools in Pleven and Veliko Turnovo. The students – age 14 to 19 – attended a demonstration of molecular cuisine and had the chance to try foam with different tastes. Molecular cuisine is a form of cuisine that started two decades ago and is now developing into the level where you can try several tastes in one spoon. The particular thing about this method is that it gives you the opportunity to taste the food with your senses and brain, not with your stomach. Changing the structure and vision of the food are some of the unique features of this type of culinary art. The teachers and students from the high schools are some of the few, who have attended that kind of demonstrations in Bulgaria. They tried and enjoyed the exotic tastes that our Chefs made especially for them. Chef Kris invited everyone to visit the Culinary Arts Institute in Varna in the days of open doors, where they will have the opportunity not only to observe but also to participate in creating different culinary masterpieces.