Rules of First Sustainable Cooking Competition

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General Overview

The aim of the competition organised by Culinary Arts Institute is to discover new culinary talents from the participating high schools. Since the competition will be held at Culinary Arts Institute (CAI), the capacity of the premises should be considered.

The premises

The main kitchen of the Institute will be available to the participants.
There are 24 individual work stations in the main kitchen.

The competition

A Black Box type of competition in CAI premises
Purpose: To prepare a dish with three garnishes using products placed in a black box. Each participant will receive the same amount of the same products.

The black boxes may contain:

Meat, fish, seafood
Vegetables, fruit, cereals
Each participant will have access to:
Cooking appliance operating at low temperature
Vacuum machine
Blenders, Gastronorm containers, bowls, various kitchen accessories
Each participant has the right to bring five ingredients of their choice.

Competition Rules

  1. All participants shall wear appropriate clothing before the start of the competition;
  2. All participants shall wear their work clothing. Clothing shall include:
  • Badge (provided by CAI)
  • Tunic
  • Apron
  •  Pants
  •  Closed shoes with rubber soles
  •  Kitchen towel
  •  Cleaning clothes
  •  Hairnet or chef’s hat

The beginning and the end of the competition are present and are the same for all the teams.
Participants shall not be allowed to join the competition after the scheduled starting time.
Participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or exhibiting disease symptoms, shall not be allowed to take part in the competition.
Before the beginning of the competition, a work station shall be appointed for each participant.
Participants are not allowed to use equipment from a station other than the one appointed for them.
Participants are not allowed to use products and materials taken from a station other than the one appointed for them, or from other participants.
All participants have two hours to do the following:

To prepare the dish presented in the training demonstration

  • To prepare two different presentations of the dish to be assessed;
  • There are no restrictions on the manner of presentation.
  1. To keep their workplace tidy and clean throughout the competition;
  2. When the specified time is over, all participants shall go out of the kitchen, leaving behind clean and tidy station and their dished on the table;
  3. To keep the equipment tidy and clean throughout the competition;
  4. All participants shall observe the following personal hygiene rules:
  5. All participants shall wear chef’s hats or hairnets throughout the competition;
  6. All male participants shall be shaved;
  7. No cosmetics are allowed;
  8. It is forbidden to wear watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and any jewellery. All participants shall have their nails cut.
  9. All participating teams (students and mentors) shall bring their set of knives and be responsible for them.
  10. Only participants and authorised staff shall be let in the premises after the beginning of the competition.
  11. It is not allowed to bring bags to the kitchen premises, except in the area provided by CAI. CAI is not responsible for lost or stolen items outside the specified storage area.
  12. The use of mobile devices during the competition is prohibited for all participants.
  13. Participants in the professional category are not allowed to consult with their mentors.
  14. Smoking, eating, chewing gums or drinking are prohibited during the competition.
  15. Pets are allowed on CAI premises.
  16. Preliminary preparation (before the specified starting time) is prohibited.
  17. CAI is not responsible for any physical injuries caused by the irresponsible behaviour of the participants. However, qualified medical staff will be present.
  18. Participants shall be respectful, flexible and behave appropriately.
  19. Participants are not allowed to leave the competition without getting permission from the judge.
  20. The violation of any of the above rules shall give grounds for reducing participants’ points or their exclusion from the competition.

Jurying and Evaluation

  1. Participants’ performance will be evaluated by two groups of judges:
  2. Those who will evaluate the cooking process – Judge/judges responsible for evaluating the hygiene and the techniques used during the competition;
  3. Those who will evaluate the results – Judges/judge responsible for the evaluation of the final dish and the cleanliness and tidiness of the participant’s workstation at the end of the competition.
  4. Evaluation is based on the following criteria:
  5. Process evaluation (50% of the final evaluation)
  6. Organisation 20%
  7. Personal and workplace hygiene 30%

. Cleanness and tidiness of the workstation 20%

  1. Proper use of kitchen equipment 15%
  2. Proper use of products 15% ____ Total 100%
  3. Evaluation of results (50% of the final evaluation)
  4. Flavour qualities of the dish 30%
  5. Presentation of the dish 30%

. Creativity shown in the presentation 40% ____ Total: 100%

Evaluation is on a scale from 1 to 10

1 is the lowest evaluation
10 is the highest evaluation

After jurying, the evaluations of the two groups of judges shall be summed up.
If there is more than one judge in a group, the average evaluation shall be considered.

The participants shall compete in the following categories:

а. The best reproduction and presentation of a dish – awarding of students and mentors

  1. First award – A scholarship worth 1000 EUR per participant, recoverable up to the second semester at CAI, other awards
  2. Second Award
  3. Third Award

Professional Cook Award

  1. First Award:
  2. A scholarship worth 1000 EUR per participant, recoverable up to the second semester at CAI, and other awards, professional equipment and a 3-day course at CAI.
  3. Second award
  4. Third Award

Training demonstration provided by CAI

A training course in the form of a lecture will be provided by CAI to demonstrate the method participants have used preparing the dish presented.

Besides, CAI will provide the participants with:

  • Recipes indicating the quantities required for the preparation of the dish
  • Badges
  • For the sake of organisation and order during the competition, badges will be issued for the participants. With these, participants will have access to the competition premises.
  • Participants and judges are required to wear the badges throughout the competition.

Parallel events

  •  Presentation on Eco-Friendly Cooking
  • Presentation of Culinary Arts Institute
  • Workshop on Organic Food
  • Presentation on Organic Farming

CAI will take the responsibility:

  • To organise culinary demonstrations at CAI after the competition;
  • To assist in the organisation of other events accompanying the competition;
  • To provide staff and support during the culinary competition at CAI;
  • To organise the cleaning of the premises after the competition;
  • To provide badges, promotional materials and certificates;
  • To provide premises (the main kitchen at CAI) and kitchen equipment for the competition;
  • To provide the necessary equipment;
  • To organise all the activities related to the logistics of conducting the First competition for environmentally friendly cooking at CAI;
  • To provide access to the demonstration areas;
  • To provide demonstration premises that are clean and accessible to the public;
  • To provide support and cleaning staff during the demonstrations;
  • To provide the products needed for the competition;
  • To provide kitchen and serving staff.