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„Balkan Flavours” is the first of its kind tourism exhibition, dedicated to the hospitality and rich culinary heritage that are so typical of the Balkan countries.
The goal of the event is to be a major channel for the promotion of high-quality tourist attractions in the eco-gastronomy field on an international level. It creates a B2B platform at which the local operators (who offer culinary tourist attractions) meet the representatives of the real business (who have direct access to the distribution networks worldwide).
Culinary Arts Institute will participate in the 2nd edition of ‘Balkan Flavours”. Together, we have decided to create an opportunity for young talented people to win a prize from Culinary Arts Institute!

Terms for winning a prize:

– send us a motivation letter in English about your motivation of studying Culinary Arts until 19.11.2015 at
– send us a video or photo materials (of prepared/preserved food products), connected with the theme of the exhibition, that showcase you and your work until 19.11.2015 at

Interviews will be held with the candidates (who meet the deadline) by CAI team on the event of the exhibition, which will be held in Grand Hotel Sofia. The winners will be rewarded:
– two scholarships at the amount of Euro 250 and one of Euro 500 for studying at the Culinary Arts Institute, Varna – the only one institute offering bachelor’s program in “Hospitality and Culinary Arts” in Eastern Europe. The scholarships are granted for the first semester in this speciality and will be given in the form of a voucher
– free course by choice, according to the modules of education in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts program
The rewards will be given as follows:
– First place – scholarship for education – Euro 500
– Second place – scholarship for education – Euro 250 and a short course by choice
– Third place – scholarship for education – Euro 250 and material gifts
We are waiting for your applications!