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Our student Illia Kolontai, generation 1 at Culinary Arts Institute is already on his first work experience abroad. Today he sent us a little update about what he is doing and how is he going on so far. Here is what he sent us:

“The first week passed and I can share my first impressions with you. The place where I am working is the restaurant La Finca, which is located in the city of Elche, Spain and has 1 Michelin star. The owner and Chef of the restaurant is Susi Diaz. She is a very famous Chef in Spain because she has her own TV show – TOPChef, which is popular in the whole country.



The staff team of the restaurant is very friendly and they treat each other like family. The menu of the restaurant is mainly traditional Spanish dishes, but of course – in a modern way and, here, they have a lot of permanent guests who we call “friends of La Finca”.



In my first week I managed to work at different positions: I prepared food for the staff – in the restaurant we call this “food for the family”, I helped my Chef finish some dishes – scallop with roasted pine nuts and truffle oil, I helped in the preparation of lobsters for baking, truffle oil, baby squid with special sauce. My Chef also taught me how to prepare different caviar like coconut caviar, mayonnaise caviar and others.

I like this place a lot – the team is amazing and everyone is professional and care a lot for the details. The atmosphere is very friendly and if I make a mistake there is always someone to help me fix it and to teach me how to not repeat it again.

The only minus is that only 3 – 4 people speak English, but everybody is open and helping me to learn Spanish. One week ago I didn`t know any Spanish and now I already know some simple phrases.”
Thank you, Ilia, for your letter! We are happy to hear that you enjoy your experience and to share it with the world!