Balkan Culinary Competition 2016

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Chef Kris Zysk was presenting our demo at Balkan Culinary Competition 2016 which took place in Premier Fort Beach Hotel organised by the Bulgarian Carving Association and Authentic Bulgarian Tastes Ltd.

The Balkan Culinary Competition aims to be a platform for trends in the preparation and presentation of food in hotels and restaurants, as well as to exchange knowledge, ideas, and new culinary techniques to draw attention to the taste, vision, and way of presenting a dish. The hotel, restaurant, and tourism business make the strongest impression on clients, and on the level of their performance depends if the customer will return again and recommend the restaurant, the hotel, the country.

In the competition, there were individual participants and presenters from the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Tunisia, Croatia, South Korea, Japan and others. The international jury included members of the World Association of Culinary Societies (WACS).

On 14 and 15 may guest chefs from Bulgaria, and other countries presented demonstrations:

  • Oier Biritxinaga Lauzirika (Corporate Chef, Fagor, Spain): “The importance of machine preparation of healthy food.”
  • Junichi SAWANO (Japan, Representative Kikkoman across Europe): “Sushi – the touch of Japanese food and culture.”
  • Radi Stambolov and Bobby Ekzarhov (Bulgaria): How to make sweets with high spirits
  • Joro Ivanov (Bulgaria, representative of Euro-Toques Bulgaria and vice president of Euro-Toques International) – one of the leading names in Bulgarian cuisine

Andrey Stoilov revealed the secrets of adventurous and healthy food, Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Chefs (BAPS) and organiser of the National Culinary Cup. Plovdiv; Tony Ivanov, Chefs Club Stara Zagora; Peter Yorgov, Bulgarian Association of Culinary Culture – Varna; and other representatives from culinary associations and clubs in Bulgaria.

The partnering companies have presented with non-traditional challenges and demonstrations. The audience got to know professional kitchen equipment and had the opportunity to recreate the recipes by themselves. If you want to participate, please, register well in advance.

The Balkan Culinary Competition is the brainchild of Veselina Slavcheva from the Bulgarian Carving Association, who has organised seven national and one Balkan carving competitions.