Our Student Denitsa Teodosieva And Her 10 Advices For Future CAI Students

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Hello everyone,
My name is Denitsa, I am a student at Culinary Arts Institute, and currently I am on my internship at M.B a two Michelin star restaurant part of The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, Tenerife, Spain. I just wanted to give you a few advices, for your future adventures at CAI, so you can be prepared and maybe I can make it easier for you.
Here they go:

10 Advices for future CAI students

1. Do not complain
Yes it is hard, yes it is long hours, but do not complain you chose this career and if don’t really want it, it will show.
2. Stay focused
When you are re focused you will learn a lot more and you will make minimum amount of mistakes
3. Don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, they will happen, that is why you are there to learn.
4. Take initiative
It is crucial, it will show that you care and are aware of the situation.
5. Be positive
No one wants a negative, and unhappy person at 1 am while finishing up the cleaning of the kitchen.
6. DO NOT answer back to the chef
If any chef tells you, that you are wrong, or what you are doing is wrong, you agree and apologize. The word “but” followed by a poor excuse is simply forbidden.
7. Speak in a language that is understandable for everyone
I am currently in a Spanish speaking environment, and I do not speak Spanish, so believe me it is not a good a feeling when you don’t understand what you have to do.
8. Do not make anyone feel embarrassed, or ashamed.
In a kitchen most of the time there are different cultures and races, do not get into the “we are better because” game.
9. Learn to compromise
Compromise will be a constant in your life, the people working together in kitchen as first of all a TEAM, you will have to stick together in order to get better.
10. Take notes
Take notes of everything, what the chef does, says and so on. Follow the chefs, take as much advantage of your teacher as possible.

Well I hope these simple advices will help you.
I wish you all the best!

Best Culinary Regards from sunny Tenerife.