Kristina Dimitrova and One Michelin Star Restaurant Meo Modo by Andrea Mattei

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Hello! My name is Kristina Dimitrova. I am a student at Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management. I have just finished my first internship in the magnificent one Michelin star restaurant Meo Modo by Andrea Mattei. I want to share with you more about my adventure in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. This six-month incredible experience took place in Relais Borgo Santo Pietro – a pearl in the heart of sunny Tuscany.

With an elegant design, breathtaking gardens and amazing nature surrounding the complex, this boutique hotel offers exceptional conditions for its guests. I had the great opportunity to spend six months in the kitchen of Meo Modo, located in the astonishing main villa. I can definitely say that the dishes, included in the menu of the restaurant, each one inspired by the nature of the region, are able to impress even the people with the biggest expectations from the food. There I learned how to be more organized, how to plan my time more effectively, to respect the food and to use only high quality products in order to achieve the best possible result without too much processing of the food. I also gained lots of theoretical and practical knowledge, especially in the sphere of Pastry.

I am happy that I worked with great professionals who always supported me and had the willing to teach the other trainees and me. I am really grateful to Chef Diego Poli, the Pastry Chef of Meo Modo, with whom I spent most of my time. He was explaining me everything from the very beginning up to the end. After moving step by step, I reached that level when I had the responsibility for everything that was happening in the pastry during a whole service. I want to thank him for his efforts, patience and the trust that he has in me. I also want to say one big ‘Thank you!’ to the Executive Chef Andrea Mattei, who gave me the chance to work in this incredible restaurant, to everybody part of the great team and of course to Chef Kris Zysk and Chef Robin Villarreal from Culinary Arts Institute who made this internship possible and helped me and all the students to be ready for the real environment in the professional kitchen.