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Article by 1st semester CAI student Ricardo Cruz, from Guatemala.

Through the window, you glimpse a whole new scenario, the plane lands and you find yourself alone in a sea of people coming and going. It seems that everyone knows where are they going, except you. You hear talk and you do not understand.

You find yourself in a city that has no knowledge where are you originally from, with a language that they do not understand. Does it seem scary? It is not.

Although the situation may be familiar, we have all passed it and we have all overcome it with better or worse grade according to your preparation…

The stress and fear of the first week passes, leaving room for the fantastic world in which you just have immersed yourself.

The language that seemed impossible to you will end up dominating (well, at least you can buy yourself a “Banitsa” without needing to do mime).

You will end up knowing the city from end to end, maybe better than its inhabitants. Before even you realize, you will become one of them

But the best is yet to come! You will have the opportunity to know a different country and different people from different countries.

Above all, you will meet people you would never have met around the corner in your hometown. You will make friends that you will never leave behind, no matter how far your life takes you and you can say that you have achieved this by yourself.

Do not hesitate; believe in yourself, as I did. There is a whole world to discover and it is waiting for you. Give yourself the opportunity, studying at CAI.


The installations are amazing, since you have all the modern equipment you require; brands such as Menu System, Tirol Service and Rational, to mention some.

We have events every Friday in CLIQUE. After the event, I had the chance to cook for our class.

Amazing sunsets.

I had the chance to go to a folkloric Bulgarian dance in the Palace of Culture and Sports, without charge. This kind of opportunities stimulates the students to get to know more about the country and their traditions.

Extra curricular activities organized by the Municipality of VARNA, gives us chances to get to know more about the city and its inhabitants.

Welcome to Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management…..