The winter semester exam session at Varna University of Management is over now. With good or with well-not-that-good results, this stressful time for every student is already behind us. With this article we just want to raise the curtain for some of the most interesting exams you could sit, or at least… taste.

The practical kitchen exams of our students in the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Culinary Arts programs are open for the public and extremely delicious. Throughout the semester the students practice different techniques and styles of cooking in order to master the skills needed in the professional kitchen. Under the supervision of their chef-instructors they plan and organize more than 30 thematic events with real guests who book their seats to have a unique fine dining experience.

And when the time for the exams come, the students are ready. The entire planning and organization of the exam events is on the students’ side. This semester we had three different groups of students as per the academic year of their studies at the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management. And every group had 2 exam events.

The first year students, the newest in the profession had their events open for the public and free of charge. The theme of their events was French Cuisine as of course we start with the classics. The second year students had two Asian Fusion dinners in the two weeks of the exam session. And the third year students challenged their creativity with Bulgarian Asian Fusion and Bulgarian Mediterranean Fusion dinners.

We collected some photos with the fantastic plates prepared by our students and you can see those here. What we can share is that everything was prepared with passion and attention to every detail. And it was great to taste these exams.

For everyone interested, the next exam session comes in May 2019. Thematic events our students will do regularly again as of mid-February. Welcome to everyone who is interested in our thematic dinners! You can follow our Culinary Arts Institute page on Facebook to be informed on the upcoming events.