Students from the Culinary Arts Institute at VUM presented “Theater in the Kitchen”

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The performance “Theater in the Kitchen”, organized and presented by 3rd year CAI students, captured the audience with its creativity and originality and provoked a storm of applause.

The event began with a brief presentation of the culinary programs of Varna University of Management, focusing on the professional approach of training at the Culinary Arts Institute, the opportunities for realization that the students receive as part of their studies and the magic of art reflected in their culinary works. From the student’s view, the third-year CAI student Iv-Angelo Nikolov shared his impressions of the educational process and the internships at high-class Michelin starred restaurants in Germany and Spain.

The culmination, of course, was the students’ performance. Using only the tools available in a professional kitchen, they presented the four seasons, each of them displaying the richness of nature – the creator of all products, thanks to which the culinary professionals can unleash their potential and creativity.

After the performance, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights prepared by the young artists, as well as to join the improvised “Sweets Workshop”.

The “Theater in the Kitchen” event was actually an exam for its organizers. Doing their assignment in the Event Management discipline, the future chefs have demonstrated innovative thinking and exceptional creativity – theater and culinary art, united in the magical atmosphere of the professional kitchen.

You can see the whole performance here.