Culinary Arts Institute: spring magic in a plate for the Birthday Edition of “Cooks’ Street”

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It is springtime! The season, marked by sunny emotions, smiling faces and a sense of a new beginning! The season, carrying the irresistible scent of the sea … and something more!

In the period 3-6 May, Varna becomes again the center of the culinary temptations. “Cooks’ Street” comes back for a long weekend to celebrate its first birthday in a favorite place for generations of Varna citizens – the Sea  Casino.

Residents and guests of the Sea capital have the exciting opportunity to enjoy delicious fresh food, rich cultural programme and lots of fun. And of course, the icing on the cake are the professional culinary demonstrations of the Chef Instructors from the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management.

On the first day of the festival, all visitors were pleased to see, smell and taste the culinary masterpieces of Chef Vasil Yakimov and Chef Stanislav Kubarev. Chef Yakimov presented 100% vegan cold appetizer named “Bulgarian spring”, which included apple and onion puree, prepared with sesame oil, grain salad with celery and compressed apple, apple gel, spring carrot, wild garlic oil, baby salads and marigold.

For the delight of dessert lovers, Chef Kubarev demonstrated how to prepare traditional Russian “Sirniki”, resembling pancakes with curd cheese. The dish also included condensed milk, sour cream, strawberries and bananas.

If you have missed today to try these irresistible delights, you have the opportunity to catch up. Tomorrow, May 4th, we will introduce a new portion of culinary magic. In the spotlight will be the Programme Director of the Culinary Arts Institute, Chef Hugues Boutin and Chef Instructor Kaloyan Kolev.

They will demonstrate two types of tartare, as well as Bulgarian salmon trout with Asian flavors. The first course will be beef tartare with crispy chorizo, fried shallots and smoked Korean mayonnaise and the second plate will present tartare of salmon with mango, dried tomatoes, crispy corn tempura, fresh herbs and spicy citrus mayonnaise. We will finish with salmon trout with algae, mayonnaise with oyster sauce and black sesame, rice chips, salicornia  and fresh onion foam.

Come and join us to experience an unforgettable culinary emotion with an irresistible scent of the sea … and something more!