Being a chef is not just a profession! It is a way of life, passion, emotion, vocation. It demands a lot of energy, discipline and dedication, but it engages you in the magical world of culinary art in which you live a lifetime. And the best thing – you want and you can share it with others.

In this magical world, we find the chef instructors of the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management. International and Bulgarian chefs with significant experience in high-end and Michelin starred restaurants all over the world. Professionals who chose the mission to teach and share their knowledge and skills with the young future chefs.

During the semester, they bring lecturing and practical modules to their students, train them in different cooking techniques and styles, give them all the skills needed in professional kitchen. Under their supervision, the students plan and organize more than 30 thematic events with real guests who book their seats to have a unique fine dining experience.

And while everyone else is waiting for the summer holidays, sunny days and sea emotions, our chef instructors embark on new challenges – master classes, culinary projects, business initiatives. And at every single step they follow the dream to share a piece of their magical world with even more people.

Here we will mention only a small part of their activities. Today is the fourth edition of one of their latest projects – Chef’s Table. Every week, the event is dedicated to a different Chef who cooks live for 12 people in the cozy restaurant of the Culinary Arts Institute. The project enjoys exceptional interest, which is proved by the fact that the seats for all eight evenings have been booked. But do not rush to despair if you are not among the lucky ones. Each edition is broadcasted on the Facebook page of the Culinary Arts Institute.

You still have the opportunity to join another initiative of our Chef instructors, the Italian Pasta Master Class, to be held on June 22 (Saturday). One-day practical workshop, including 5 recipes for Italian pasta. The Culinary Arts Institute provides everything you need – products, knives, chef aprons and hats and the professional guidance from our instructors. Participants are required only to have desire, diligence and good mood. If you already feel the scent of fresh pasta, see more here.

Now, the icing on the cake! The latest initiative of our tireless culinary professionals – Catering by CAI. Boutique catering designed specifically for you and your guests. Whether you are planning a private dinner or a celebration of up to 200 guests, a corporate event, a wedding or any special occasion, CAI professional culinary team will be at your assistance to make your memories fine and delicious. In addition to this, they can offer you a private dining room for up to 25 people or give you the unique opportunity to rent a Chef for your event.

After everything written above, we cannot miss to mention the main characters – the CAI team, the people who do all this with high professionalism, but especially with heart and soul, the people who provoke astonishment with their energy and unlimited devotion. And if you think there is an army of people behind all this, you are mistaken. They are only four – Chef Hugues Boutin, Chef Vasil Yakimov, Chef Stanislav Kubarev and Chef Kaloyan Kolev – the Chefs who have found their vocation, master the magic of culinary arts and are willing to share it with all of us.