Just few days after the opening of the new academic year, the Culinary Arts Institute organized the first team-building for its students.

Under the expert guidance of their Chef Instructors, the young Chefs cleaned, arranged and organized by themselves the premises in which they would conduct their practical classes. Thus, they not only became familiar with the training facilities and felt the atmosphere of the work environment, but also had the opportunity to get to know their peers and conduct their first exercise “in a team”.

After the hard work of students and Chef Instructors, it was time for fun. The 5th semester students organized an improvised party for their younger colleagues. The scent of barbecue, laughter and good mood filled the backyard of the university. Behind the tasty hot dog and soft drinks, one could find the smiles of students from all over the world, the new connections and friendships arising, and the close professional team of the Culinary Arts Institute being built.

„A big, huge thank you to all the students of 1rst, 3rd and the few 5th semesters who helped yesterday to clean, set up and organize the kitchen, working area at CAI. It is our house and we must make sure that we all set it up from the start the right way. I feel lucky to have the chance to teach and work with such amazing people. One of the reasons I love what I do and that I’m challenged everyday to be better at what I do, is the quality of the people I work with everyday.“ – shared the Programme Director Chef Hugues Boutin in the social media.