А Mexican delegation is on a Partner Visit at VUM

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A delegation from our partner university, Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) is visiting Varna University of Management this week. Chef Alejandrina Lopez Aguilera – National Director of Culinary Programmes and Jose Ahdemir Ariza Tovar – Academic Director of Hospitality, Tourism and Gastronomy at UVM are special guests of the Culinary Arts Institute in the frame of the Cooperation Agreement in the field of culinary training, signed in April 2019.

On the first day of the visit, the guests got acquainted with the training facilities in Dobrich and Varna, the teaching methods and the Chef -Iinstructors and were impressed by the organization of the educational process and the strong practical orientation of the programmes, including a number of extracurricular activities on field.

As part of the Mexican lecturers agenda, CAI Chef Instructors organized a visit to the “Hot Farm”, where they had an open class with students. Young Chefs were introduced to the limitless benefits, uses and combinations of hot peppers and learned that in every dish, appetizer, main course, cheese, fruit, desserts, coffee, liqueur, wherever used, hot peppers add new flavors, aromas and beneficial properties that help us stay healthy.

With over 150 varieties of hot peppers, a diverse range of sauces, marmalades, spices, dips, dried hot peppers, olive oil, and many more  and the closed production cycle, the kind hosts at Hot Farm were able to impress even our guests from Mexico, where we all know that chili culture is more than traditional.

The field trip launched a new challenge for the present students – to come up with and present a creative recipe containing a chosen by them kind of hot peppers. The winner’s recipe will be included in the programme of their Mexican peers and will be prepared by them under the guidance of Chef Alejandrina.

In the coming days of their visit, the guests from UVM will make culinary demonstrations for the CAI students and will be special guests in the upcoming on October 10th Experience Day – an event for sharing experience with the participation of Chef Instructors, CAI business partners and students who had their internships in high-end and Michelin starred partner restaurants. The Mexican guests will also take part in the Mexican Dinner, which will be held on October 11th at the brand new restaurant space of the Culinary Arts Institute.

Universidad del Valle de México is the largest private university in Mexico founded in 1960. It has 36 campuses, 120 000 students, almost 12 000 faculty members and around 7 000 administrative staff. The University offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in the fields of medicine, engineering, hospitality, tourism and gastronomy, business and marketing, social sciences, arts, design and architecture. In April 2019 the President of VUM Assoc. Prof. Todor Radev and the Rector of Universidad del Valle de México, Bernardo González-Arechiga Ramírez-Wiella signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the directions for future cooperation, namely promotion of student and academic staff mobility, exchange of information and academic materials, implementation of joint scientific projects, organization of conferences and events, and more. With the active assistance of Chef Robin Villarreal, Head of strategic culinary projects at Varna University of Management, another important document was signed, namely the Agreement of cooperation in the field of culinary education. It gives the students of the Universidad del Valle de México the opportunity to spend one academic year of their studies at VUM.