CAI at VIRUS on-line FESTIVAL – the first online festival in Bulgaria

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Chef Instructors and students from the Culinary Arts Institute will take part in the first online festival in Bulgaria – Virusfest. On April 25, 2020, they will share the magic of culinary art with all connoisseurs, lovers or just tasters. Equip yourself with a good mood and a thirst for knowledge and allow professionalism to enter your home.

Organizer of the festival, which will be held in the period April 24-26, 2020, is Nikolai Todorov – Nick from Varna, with the support of the URBO platform. Born in a time of crisis, VIRUS on-line FESTIVAL is different and unconventional, carrying the message that pure art cannot be stopped or restricted in time and space frames. The Virus On-line Festival platform will give the opportunity to many independent artists, musicians, authors, dancers, people with different talents, energy and creativity to showcase the best of themselves, entirely online. There are children’s performances and puppet theater, fairy tales reading, culinary demonstrations and master classes, educational courses, online dances and sports lessons, stand-up comedy and theater performances, concerts. Some of the participants will be included in the platform from their homes, from their own studios, while for others, special scenes will be created for the online shows in Varna and Sofia.

The festival will be free of charge, but there is an opportunity for online donations to benefit artists who have impressed the audience. The only condition for all participants is not to comment on the topic “coronavirus” and politics in their participation.

The Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management is the only institution of higher education to be actively involved in the festival with four culinary demonstrations. We will start the culinary marathon on April 25th at 1 pm with the demonstration of Chef Kaloyan Kolev, who will share with us all the secrets of cooking fish. From 2 pm Chef Stanislav Kubarev will prepare Roasted Pork with Strawberries, Mavrud Sauce and Ruby Salad, and immediately afterwards the Programme Director of the Culinary Arts Institute, Chef Hugues Boutin, will present Fried Beef Cheeks in Asian Style, Roasted Potatoes with Sesame, Sauce teriyaki and beer sauce. The culinary fiesta will also include the student in the “Hospitality and culinary arts” Programme Dayana Velikova, who will delight the audience with a Mini Spinach Cake with Cream Cheese and Raspberry Mousse.

The full program of the festival can be found at