Chef Robin Villarreal presents the magic of the Philippines at CreAte by CAI

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Chef Robin Villarreal

The cuisine of the Philippines is rich in phenomenal flavors that reflect the country’s multicultural impact over the centuries. The mixture of the Spanish, Indian, Chinese and Malay influence, combined with authentic local flavors, makes Filipino cuisine a unique experience for all senses.

And everything gets even better when it is introduced by Chef Robin Villarreal – a dedicated professional, born in the Philippines, raised in Mexico and conquered the world culinary scene with skills and talent.

Chef Robin is a graduate (with high distinction) of the world’s renowned Le Cordon Bleu Académie D´Art Culinaire De Paris. Besides his sound knowledge and experience in French and International Cuisine, Robin’s specialty areas are Pastry, Bakery and Thai Cuisine. Part of his practice in the culinary industry is from Alain Ducasse Restaurant Louis XV, Monte Carlo (3 Stars Michelin Restaurant).

He speaks English, Spanish and Tagalog fluently and besides culinary arts, he holds also a degree of Airline Pilot.

Chef Robin Villarreal has an ample experience in the fields of culinary education, menu costing and development, product and business development. His impressive background of knowledge and experience includes positions like Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Chef Instructor of international culinary schools such as Le Cordon Bleu Casa de Francia (Mexico) and Escuela UVM/Glion Tlalpan (Mexico).

Chef Robin has chosen education as the focus of his culinary career and for more than a decade he has been working on the development of the culinary arts education and culture in our region. He was instrumental in the design and development of the first culinary programme on the territory of Varna University of Management in 2007 and is one of the founders of the concept of the Culinary Arts Institute (CAI) at VUM.

On January 28, Chef Robin and the CAI students will prepare an irresistible Filipino dinner especially for all culinary connoisseurs. Hurry up, call for a reservation on 0885 398 632. We are expecting you at CreAte by CAI!