CAI Students Impressed Faculty and Guests with Culinary Innovations

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The next edition of the unique “Food Innovation Exhibition”, in which the main acting chefs were the students of the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management, was held today. As part of the module “Innovation and Creativity in Culinary Arts”, students from “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” and “Hospitality and Culinary Arts” had the task to create their own innovative products as well as develop their implementation in real-world settings. The products had to be unique, not existing for the given market, and also to offer a new experience for all senses. Above all, however, the task of the students was to go through the entire cycle – from the birth of an innovative idea, through planning and implementation, to the introduction of operational production and positioning it as a finished product on the market. In this way, the students had the opportunity to use all the acquired knowledge and skills from their studies at the university and demonstrate that they are ready to succeed in a real-world setting.

In the final practical part of the students’ examination, they prepared individual stands and presented their innovative products to the guests and the module lecturers – Chef Hugues Boutin – Director of the Culinary Arts Institute, Associate Professor Dr. Maya Ivanova – Head of the Tourism Department and Assistant Irina Petkova – program director of the “Culinary Arts Management” programme for VUM’s strategic academic partner, Cardiff Metropolitan University. External evaluators – professionals from the culinary sector – will also be included in the evaluation.

The young chefs impressed not only their lecturers, but also the guest evaluators from Metro Bulgaria, Mrs. Iva Tafradzhiyska – Corporate Communications Manager and Mrs. Marina Marinova – Manager of “Metro Academy”. As a result of the successful cooperation with the Culinary Arts Institute, they awarded the most successful products, corresponding to the vision and concept of Metro and actually applicable in the HoReCa sector. Among the winners were Mariyan Stefanov with the rakia-filled bonbons “Bulgarian Heart” and Viktoria Baeva, who presented “Lentils dip”. The undisputed winner was Nia Stoyanova and her innovative sustainable product – “Dip from walnuts and pumpkin”. A special award was presented to Ivaylo Gaserov with his product 100% vegan butter with spices. He will have the opportunity to present it side by side with the chefs from “Metro Academy” at the upcoming National Culinary Forum “Evolution of Taste 2023”, which will be held on February 25, 2023 in Stara Zagora.

Some of the other innovative ideas this year were Lavash chips, Lyutenitsa with strawberries, Erotic lollipops, Mustard with Bulgarian taste, Fresh pasta with savory, Baklava with chocolate and eggplant, Wine Cream and many others.