Culinary students master the business model of Michelin star contenders

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Cooked for the Emir of Kuwait, a number of presidential and royal families and other prominent figures from politics and social life, involved in the opening and management of boutique hotels and restaurants, as well as developing over 200 restaurant concepts opened in nearly 115 countries worldwide, the world-renowned Chefs Gianfranco Chiarini and Anna Chiarini for the second year in a row chose to be guest lecturers at the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management.

They became famous in Bulgaria as the owners of a unique restaurant of its kind, a contender for the prestigious “Michelin” star – Dieci Boutique restaurant. Their dream began with a small old two-story school in the pretty Bulgarian village of Devino, Antonovo (Targovishte region), which they restored and turned into their home. From there begins the long journey of getting to know what it is really like to live on Bulgarian land and how to take advantage of its valuable assets and nature to create something never seen before. They create their culinary masterpieces only with fresh Bulgarian products, and their goal is to present a unique individual experience to each customer and to establish the region and Bulgaria as a whole as a high-class culinary and tourist destination.

The business model of the Chiarini family includes a closed production cycle (farm-to-table), green entrepreneurship, zero waste and zero impact on the ecosystem. They use their own water resources and will soon produce their own electricity, grow much of the produce in their garden, hunt with the local hunting party. Of course, they also have partners – they receive wine and fruit from Melnik, roses and rose hips from Kazanlak, herbs and spices from Stara Zagora, duck liver from Yambol, truffles from Razgrad region. But all supplies are directly from producers – small companies and farmers who guarantee the quality of the products. They also receive exceptional help from the “local grandmothers” or “the babas”, as Chef Gianfranco calls them. In the process of creating his culinary masterpieces, he uses every part of the product to reduce waste to zero percent.

It was these concepts that were among the most valuable lessons the culinary students received. Of course, during the period of their visit, Chef Gianfranco Chiarini and Chef Anna Chiarini held several master classes with the young chefs from the Culinary Arts Institute, such as the proper handling and preparation of foie gras (specially prepared duck liver). Together with them, they organized three dinners with a 10-course menu, for which the seats were sold out within days.

We present to you 4 videos from Youth Street Varna:

The culinary guru recommended his colleagues to use products traditional to their country

Culinary students master the business model of Michelin star contenders

Chef Gianfranco Chiarini demonstrates how to make fresh ice cream with liquid nitrogen

Students prepared candies with cheese and orange jam according to the recipe of chef Gianfranco Chiarini