Innovations and Creativity in Culinary Arts

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At the beginning of December, the first stage of the module “Innovations and Creativity in Culinary Arts” took place as part of the training for students in the final year of the specialties “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” and “Hospitality and Culinary Arts” – specifically, the conceptual presentations.

The students’ task was to conceive and present an innovative and creative culinary idea, as well as to propose a way for its practical implementation by following the algorithm for the development and advancement of a new product.

During the presentations, the students impressed with innovative and even eccentric ideas. Some of the young chefs focused on the visual experience associated with their creation, while others emphasized taste qualities or non-traditional textures, attempting interesting combinations of foods and products, or incorporating elements from their national cuisine.

After this first phase presentation, each of the students will have the opportunity to realize their ideas in the professional kitchens of the Culinary Arts Institute, and the next step of the innovative module will be a public event, which will be held in February 2024. During the event the young chefs will demonstrate their innovative culinary products in front of the evaluation board, F&B industry representatives and tourism professionals. The demonstration aims to attract real business investors, who would appreciate the talents and skills of the students, but also might be interested to buy and launch in the real practice some of the ideas.

The training in Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management is practice-oriented and characterized by innovation, research elements and unconventional approach to culinary arts. Along with the academic knowledge, students start to accumulate considerable practical skills from the beginning of their studies, which prepares them for a real work environment and helps their professional and creative development.

The practical training of students is carried out in different directions, in order to familiarize them with the whole range of activities in the field of hospitality and culinary arts. Under the guidance of their Chef Instructors, each semester students plan and organize more than 30 thematic events, during which real clients book seats in the specially equipped training restaurant. In the course of their studies, students also get the opportunity to participate in a number of external events – exhibitions, fairs, charity events, culinary demonstrations, competitions and more, both in Bulgaria and abroad. A key advantage of studying at the Culinary Arts Institute at VUM is the opportunity to spend up to 12 months in practical training abroad and to join the teams of some of the best restaurants in the world. The University collaborates with more than 80 Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe to offer students best practices and focus them on every detail of the actual operation of the restaurant and catering business, building on the values and skills that are required for the future entrepreneurs and leaders in the food industry.