Varna University of Management’s Master’s Programmes Shine in 2024 Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking

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Varna University of Management (VUM) continues to cement its position as a global leader in higher education, with its postgraduate programmes receiving outstanding recognition in the prestigious Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking.

The latest rankings, released by Eduniversal, a renowned global ranking specialized in higher education, place VUM’s postgraduate programmes in leading positions among 1000 Best Business Schools across 153 countries across 9 geographic zones.

In particular, this year the VUM’s MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management (IHTM) programme has ascended to the 12th position worldwide in the Tourism Management field (being ranked 14th last year). Meanwhile, the MBA Programme at VUM has surged to the 4th place in Eastern Europe for full-time MBA programmes.

The MBA programme at VUM now ranks above esteemed universities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Hungary, while the IHTM programme surpasses those offered by leading British, French and Italian universities. Notably, Varna University of Management stands as the sole Bulgarian institution included in the Official Selection of the Best 1,000 institutions and awarded 3 palms of excellence by the prestigious ranking.

The Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking provides a comprehensive evaluation of Masters and MBA programs globally, aiding prospective students in identifying the best options for their graduate studies. With assessments in 56 different fields of study, in 2024 the ranking evaluates over 20,000 postgraduate programs offered by the top 1,000 universities worldwide.

The rigorous evaluation process involves representatives from leading academic institutions globally, as well as 5,000 international recruiters and 100,000 current or recently graduated students from the monitored programs. This makes the Eduniversal ranking a reliable and objective source of information, commonly used by prospective students and companies to gauge the quality of a school, programme, and its graduates.

The prestigious rankings achieved by VUM’s master programmes in the Eduniversal Best Masters underscore the institution’s commitment to delivering high-quality education, supported by a professional academic staff and an innovative learning approach.

Established as the only educational institution in Bulgaria offering a British MBA programme delivered entirely in Bulgaria, VUM provides a unique opportunity to study international management in a genuinely international environment. With over 25 years of tradition in training leaders in the tourism and hospitality industry, VUM’s graduates from the Master of International Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme assume managerial, leadership, and entrepreneurial roles across various sectors worldwide.

Both programs are conducted entirely in English and culminate in the award of two degrees—one from VUM and another from its strategic academic partner, Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK.

Varna University of Management remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence in education and looks forward to continuing its legacy of shaping future leaders in the global business landscape.