Guest Chef – Instructor


Ivan Aleksandrov is one of the most talented Bulgarian Pastry Chefs, who creates true masterpieces of the pastry art.

Chef Aleksandrov graduated from the Vocational School of Tourism in the town of Bankya, with a "Pastry” profile . His professional journey begins at famous pastry shops in Sofia and runs through some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in London, UK. He works as a Pastry Chef at the five-star Haymarket Hotel, which is in the top 5 of London's best hotels.

Today Chef Aleksandrov develops his own brand - Boutique Cookie's Cakes in London, where he creates unique boutique cakes and other desserts to order. An interesting fact that proves his undisputed class and worldwide recognition is that in 2018, he is invited to make the second most important wedding cake for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - the cake for journalists around the world accredited to cover the glamorous royal event.

For Chef Aleksandrov the Pastry is much more than just a job - it is art, devotion, joy, delight and fulfilment. He says he was blessed to find his real vocation in life and the only thing he aims to do is to be even better in it.

In the kitchen, Chef Aleksandrov loves to experiment and explore new recipes and new ways of preparing desserts and cakes that look tempting, have a burst of flavour and taste really good. Even in his free time he like to bake for his beloved family and friends and to surprise them with new sweet temptations.

Chef Aleksandrov's motto is “The only limit is the sky - the rest is imagination, improvisation and hard work with the both hands.”