Guest Chef – Instructor

Victor Zhechev

My name is Victor Zhechev ‐ Chef Consultant and Co‐Owner of Podlez Street Food Concept. Have
been involved in the culinary profession for over 13 years. My professional path started with bring
the very first generation of HRC Academy Bulgaria and graduated in 2010. With my profession, I’ve
had the opportunity to combine it, with two others of my greatest passions: art and travel. Worked
in a number of fine dining kitchens in the Netherlands, USA, Korea, Russia, and UK, where have been
able to learn a lot and work with big names. Have also been a senior culinary instructor in HRC
Culinary Academy. My decision to return to Bulgaria was not only because wanted to help inspire the
next generation, but also because I believe there is more and more beauty in our products and our

For me, cooking is creating an art, expressing yourself while respecting the products and providing
emotion and experience to my guests at the same time.
Wholeheartedly believe my success is due to a lot of passion and motivation into what I do.
Therefore, I often prefer to let my food speak for me.