Chef – Instructor


Vasil Yakimov is a Bulgarian chef, dedicated into cooking for a life. With more than 15 years of experience in the culinary industry, having traveled around the globe and worked in different restaurants, he moved back to his home city with a mission to teach and share his culinary knowledge and skills with the young future chefs at the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management. Born in Varna, Bulgaria, he started cooking since he was a young kid. He comes from a tradition of chefs, being inspired by his grandfather who was a great chef for a very long time (more than 45 years of experience). He gave Vasil that spark that every cook needs to be lit up in this profession.

In his senior year at high school he won the first place and the title Young Chef of Bulgaria at the National Culinary Cup 2004. His passion for culinary arts then led him to a degree by an international culinary school and alongside with his studies, he gained solid experience in the culinary world as he worked in various different parts of the world, notably in the Middle East, USA and Europe.

Some of Vasil’s previous working background include “Spice Market” in Qatar, Doha (best Asian restaurant in South-Eastern Asia for 2014-2015), “Solbar”, a fine dining restaurant part of Solage, in Napa Valley, California, USA (who gained 1 Michelin star and maintained it for 7 years in a row so far) and some of the best restaurants in Bulgaria.

In his role of chef instructor at the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management chef Vasil is teaching the 5 th semester students. His goals are to restore and preserve the Old Bulgarian cuisine and to develop a new modern face to it.

Chef Vasil participates in various culinary events and competitions. Some of his recent achievements are the 1 st Place for Best Team of Bulgaria at the Culinary Cup of Bulgaria 2014, 1 st Place for Best Chef of the year at the Culinary Cup of Bulgaria 2018 and the 3 Gold Medals for the best-plated meat, plated fish, and plated dessert at the International Aegean Culinary Championship in Aydin, Turkey 2018.

The most valuable lesson to his students at the Culinary Arts Institute is: “Never stop learning and dreaming, because there are no great chefs without great dreams!”