Why our dinners start in different hours?

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Dear friends and followers, we kindly remind you that since the 7th of October we start with our special themed dinners again at the Culinary Arts Institute. As we received a lot of inquiries and questions to why there are different time options for our events, we would like to inform you why the dinners start in different hour intervals.

As you may know, the main mission of the Culinary Arts Institute is teaching students in our bachelor programs Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Our teaching methods are practice-oriented and innovative and they include a lot of research and a non-traditional approach to the culinary arts.

Our teaching programs are systematized to involve students in the conditions of a real-working environment as much as possible – this is why all of the events we organize are with different starting hours.

The division of time intervals is done with the purpose of most accurately recreating the busy atmosphere in a real restaurant, where guests make reservations, arrive and leave at different hours. So do not worry! The starting hour is not related to an end time and the duration of each unique gastronomic experience depends entirely on you!

Come to our training restaurant at 13A Oborishte Street and stay with us to enjoy professional international cuisine experience from all over the world, prepared with a lot of love and effort by our students and the team of professional Chef Instructors.

Hurry up because the seats are limited! All health and safety measures have been complied with. Book now by phone: +359 885 398 632 and enjoy an exquisite dinners at the Culinary Arts Institute.