At Culinary Arts Institute, we prepare students for a professional career offering the first and only accredited programmes in Eastern Europe that allow acquisition of higher education in the field of hospitality and culinary arts. The educational programmes are fully delivered in English and lead to the award of two degrees – one from Varna University of Management and a second one from our strategic academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK.

The training is practice-oriented and characterized by innovation, research elements and innovative approach to culinary arts. Along with the academic knowledge and practical skills, the students get an unique opportunity to gain experience in high-end and Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. The advantage of practicing together with some of the world-famous and recognized chefs helps not only for professional development and growth, but also for creating useful business contacts.

The chef-instructor’s team at CAI consists of international and Bulgarian chef instructors with rich practical experience, always ready to go a step beyond the “standard culinary arts studies” and closer to arts. Focusing on creativity, they build generations of innovators, culinary designers and food ideologists.

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Hospitality and Culinary Arts