Culinary Arts Institute offers the unique combination of academic studies, practical training experience next to renowned chefs around the globe and management skills coaching to lay the foundations of a successful culinary career for our graduates.
The Culinary Arts Institute (CAI) is an Academic School of Varna University of Management that unites the undergraduate programmes in the field of culinary arts of the leading Eastern European business university.
We are the first in Eastern Europe to offer recognized culinary education at a university level and even more: our graduates have the opportunity to graduate with two degrees upon successful completion of our programmes – Bulgarian and British Bachelor’s degree.
We are situated in the beautiful city of Varna, Bulgaria, being proud of our multicultural community of chef-instructors, students and partners from more than 50 countries all over the world.

In year 2007, Varna University of Management, known as International University College at that time, took the first step towards to what we have today as leading culinary arts programmes in this region. Together with partners we established the first ever international vocational culinary programme in Bulgaria that attracted students from 4 continents. In 2010, on the territory of Varna University of Management was shot the first ever professional culinary TV reality show in Bulgaria. Years later, after the formal transformation of International University College to Varna University of Management, we invested into becoming the pioneer in Eastern Europe with accredited Bachelor’s degree programmes in the field of culinary arts.

Today we offer two undergraduate programmes that lead to the award of recognized Bulgarian and British degree. We partner with more than 80 Michelin-star rated restaurants in Europe to offer the industry top internship experience for our students and focus on every detail in the actual operation of a restaurant and catering business thus shaping the values and skills required of the future entrepreneurs and leaders in the food industry.

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Bachelor Programmes

We prepare students for a professional career offering the first and only accredited programmes in Eastern Europe that allow acquisition of higher education in the field of hospitality and culinary arts. The two educational programmes: Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Culinary Arts, are fully delivered in English and lead to the award of two degrees – one from VUM and a second one from Varna University of Management’s strategic academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK.

The training is practice-oriented and characterized by innovation, research elements and unconventional approach to culinary arts. Along with the academic knowledge and practical skills, the students get an unique opportunity to gain experience in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. The advantage of practicing together with some of the world-famous and recognized chefs helps not only for professional development and growth, but also for creating useful business contacts.

The chef-instructor’s team at CAI consists of international and Bulgarian chef instructors with extensive practical experience, always ready to go a step beyond the “standard culinary arts studies” and closer to arts. Focusing on creativity, they build generations of innovators, culinary designers and food ideologists.




Part of the practical kitchen work of CAI students are our thematic dinners, which are opened for the public and extremely delicious. Throughout the semester, the students practice different techniques and styles of cooking in order to master the skills needed in the professional kitchen. Under the supervision of their chef-instructors, they plan and organize more than 30 thematic events with real guests who book their seats to have a unique fine dining experience.

Alongside we have some events organized by our chef Instructors – culinary presentations and demonstrations, master classes and more. Among their latest projects is a show-cooking event broadcasted on CAI Facebook page, called Chef’s Table.

Short Courses

We organize a great selection of short culinary courses – from cooking courses and evening classes for beginners, to thematic gourmet courses and workshops on specific culinary techniques and cuisines. The duration may vary from one day up to three months.

Catering by CAI

Whether you are planning a private dinner or a celebration of up to 200 guests, a corporate event, a wedding or any special occasion, our professional culinary team will be at your assistance to make your memories fine and delicious.

Our new boutique catering service is both affordable and innovative. We create for you and your guests food that looks and, more importantly, tastes incredible. In addition to this, we can offer you a private dining room for up to 25 people or give you the unique opportunity to rent a professional Chef for your event.