Bread Short Course

This is a short 3-day class. It is for all the fans of real artisan bread.
An introduction to the principles and techniques used in the preparation of high-quality bread, with an emphasis on fundamental production techniques and evaluation of quality characteristics. Topics include bread fermentation and production, ingredient functions and custard ratios, and preparations. During this class you will learn different bread and bread-roll preparation methods with Chef Presiyan Petrov.

Prices – upon request.
Starting Dates – June 2017

Mastering Pastry Short Course

We would like to offer you 2 options:
If you are a lover of desserts, sweets and chocolate, if you want to learn more about tarts, cakes, ice creams and chocolate- this class is perfect for you! We have something special to offer!
Our custom pastry class has been developed by our confectioners so as to meet your expectations.

Please contact us for more details
Prices – upon request
Starting Dates – June 2017

Molecular Gastronomy

The participants of the Master Class will gain new skills in molecular cooking by having theoretical and practical lessons from Culinary Arts Institute Chefs. You have a chance to know the secrets of modern Molecular Gastronomy by participating on 5-day courses with Culinary Arts Institute.

The sponsor of the Molecular and Modern Gastronomy Classes is Intrama company which provides sous vide & vacuum machines and consumables.

Prices – upon request
Starting Dates – coming soon