We would like to share with you a few more things about our induction suites. Menu System produces about 300 cooking suites a year and everything, except for the steel bending machine, is hand made by them. They are the only company in the world with over 30 years of experience in designing tailor-made induction cooking suites! Cooking is easy and precise with the fifth-generation induction technology with pan type detection and slide control. With Menu System cooking suites, we manage to save from 50 to 85% energy, as compared to conventional cooking technology.

They supply different restaurants in the world with a total of over 100 Michelin Stars, such as – Michel Roux Jr. 2 Michelin stars, Heston Blumenthal 3 Michelin stars, John Williams at the Ritz in London, Harold Wohlfarth 3 Michelin stars and many more.