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Today we will introduce to you Chef Mihail Georgiev. Mihail has graduated Varna University of Management. Chef Mihail Georgiev has been trained under 3 Michelin star chef concept He is teaching the students in Culinary Arts Institute about the foundations of pastry – how to make ice cream, petit fours, how to glaze, how to make entremets and others. While teaching, Chef Mihail is always emphasising on the methods and techniques in pastry and is striving to give long lasting knowledge to the future Chefs.

In his years of education, Chef Mihail has been on internships in different places around the worlds – USA, Qatar. He has also contributed to developing some new dining concepts in Bulgaria. He is passionate about developing new recipe in pastry.The pastry was his first choice which came with his first internship and when we ask him why he chose it, he simply answers: “Because I really love sweet!”

You can find Chef Mihail in the pastry kitchen of Culinary Arts Institute, which is a dream for every pastry Chef – it has all the equipment for making unbelievable desserts.