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The selection of the winners of “First shoot it, then you eat it” competition was last night with a jury, consisting of professional photographers and representatives of Online marketing companies– Dejan Stoev, Krasimir Todorov, Emil Mitev, Hristo Momcharov, Blagovesta Philipova and Rune Sovndahl, Danny Peleva of Local Fame. Our jury enjoyed the delicious food and after a long and hard voting, the winners are:

1. Yuliy Vasilev with “Baby calamari with Tartar sauce”

2. Lyuska Nikolova (sent on behalf of her daughter Alexandra Mihova) from the town Varna “Veal roll with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes”

3. Gergana Kostadinova from the town Varna with “Afternoon cappuccino in the company of raspberry cheesecake with a base of crunchy brownie”

The Audience Award: Vanya Djordjevic from the city Veliko Tarnovo with “Knitted bap”

“First shoot it, then you eat it” gained 246 photos, submitted by more than 100 participants for three weeks. See the prizes!