Oleg Zabaznovski at Nerua Restaurant (1 Michelin Star)

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Hello everyone, my name is Oleg Zabaznovski, I am a student at Culinary Arts Institute and I just have finished my internship in Nerua and I will share my experience in a wonderful place with wonderful people.

Nerua is a one Michelin restaurant in Bilbao/Spain, that is located in the Guggenheim museum. It’s an amazing restaurant with a wonderful team who works day and night to fulfill the customers’ needs.
For the first 3 months, I was in the vegetable section, every morning at 9:30 we started with Production of products that we needed for the first and second services.
The first thing was to set up the pass and to start with the procedure of preparing the oysters that is to open and to clean them from the shells. When the service started at 1 pm, I was receiving the first order by hearing: “Marcando dos ostras”, and I was starting to prepare the oysters. First, to steam the oyster than they go one minute each side on the grill.

After the vegetable section, I was switched to Pastry where I was given the responsibilities of the ice creams.
But it didn’t last long till I was changed to the staff meal section where I had the responsibility of preparing the food for the whole team twice a day. The lunch was at 12 pm and the dinner at 20 am.

Every Sunday I was planning the meals that I would need to cook and prepare for the next week.
I’m really glad and happy for being in this section because the whole team was depending on me, and I have learned a lot about cooking, i.e. all kind of dishes for different people, I was preparing all kind of meals, but most of the time was either Spanish, Italian or Mexican food.
In the end as it was hard and pressuring it was an amazing experience full of wonderful moments that will be memories.