“Youths & Labor – how and why food service should be a lever to create job opportunities for the young generation”

We are pleased to announce the 6th “Eating City Summer Campus”, inviting 28 participants aged 22-32 working & studying around food sustainability: Chefs, Gastronomists, Nutritionists, Food Procurement Officers – F&B Buyers, Farmers, Fisherman, Foodies, young professionals… at anyone work or studying around food issues – are invited to share this challenging adventure.

The Eating City Summer Campus experience brings together young people, researchers, senior professionals working in the public and private sectors, opinion and community leaders and builds participants’ capacity for learning and leading in the 21st century. Implementing food sustainability means a profound conversion of the whole food supply chain, largely based on replacing industrialized & standardized products by human know-how.

Consequently, training is seen as one of the main tools to achieve this aim by the participants of all Eating City workshops so far. Interestingly, many cooks and chefs working in public food service share the idea that sustainability should be able to stimulate new professional vocations which have been sidelined as second-choice jobs for too long.

The same vision should also apply to farming, especially because development of local food supply chains cannot occur unless more young people decide become farmers. That is why the Eating City platform has been organizing annual summer campuses since 2013 which are aimed at young Food Dynamics working in: Kitchens, Farms, Public authorities and also students in order to increase their awareness and vision about sustainable food systems and also to create a new generation of future decision-makers able to take into account social, cultural and environmental values and to place people at the center of the economy.

This 6th edition of the Summer Campus is therefore open to youths interested in looking at the relationships between labor and food services (and in a broader sense in all agri food chain) in order to write a common declaration that will be disseminated after the Campus at several international events.

How will the Campus be organized?

This Campus will take place in France from July 31st to August 8 th 2018, in the inspiring location of “la Bergerie de Villarceaux”, situated 70 kms from Paris in a 600 ha rural property in the regional natural park of Vexin and which is fully dedicated to sustainable development. (http://www.bergerie-villarceaux.org/ ) The Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation, Eating City’s supporter and partner since the very beginning, has given rise to “La Bergerie” where several partners working together create the ideal conditions to welcome and enrich the Eating City Summer Campus.

The program will include seminars, work-in-groups sessions as well as recreational/cultural activities and also free time in order to stimulate dialogue and thinking among the participants and the speakers all throughout the week. Lectures will be given by international professionals working in universities, companies, local authorities and also belonging to the civil society and which are all related to the Eating City Network.

Activities will start on Tuesday July 31st (late evening) with the welcome of participants until Tuesday August 8thmorning, the day of departure. The program for this year will include a large range of food systems issues including the leverage effect of public food service. It will focus on how new recipes should help to reduce food waste & loss and drive our food habits towards sustainability and health. As during the previous editions, participants will be asked to write a Common Declaration together that outlines their vision on Sustainable Food Systems according to the main theme of the campus. This process will be supported by facilitators during the different working group sessions and alternate plenary sessions which will take place every day.

Applicants should be aware that after the Campus, they shall become “Ambassadors” of Eating City. They will be asked to disseminate their participation and the 6th “Villarceaux Declaration” after the Campus.

Who can participate?

Applicants, aged 22-32, must be interested in promoting sustainable food. They can be Chefs, Gastronomist, Nutritionist, Food Procurement Officers – Buyers – lawyers, Farmers, Fisherman, Foodies – young professionals or students. They must speak fluent English. Accommodation and travel are free of charge. How to participate? Please fill in the Application Form (including a motivation letter) and send along with a CV to the following address: info@eatingcity.org As from May 1st 2018 it will also be possible to apply directly on the Eating City website : www.eatingcity.org. Applications must be sent no later than May 31 st 2018. Places are limited so apply now ! “Eating City Platform is a place where we share our experiences and think about our Food now and for the future. Every day, we can talk to each other and challenge our Intellectual skills in order to review our needs to have a good food system. We initiate here our future cooperation to bring innovation in our daily life, but in the same time to maintain our traditions because it’s the duty of the youth generation.”

2017 Summer Campus Participant You can find the Eating City 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Summer Campus videos on https://www.youtube.com/user/EatingCity More info can be found at www.eatingcity.org or on Facebook Youths & Labor Join the 2018 Eating City Summer Campus : Together reducing the gaps between youths, the labor market & business In the Framework of : Eating City aims to give life to ideas, to stimulate intellectual dialogue and to foster a long-term vision of public and private decision makers on the future of sustainable urban food supply chains worldwide. Action-oriented, Eating City also provides good practices and constructive propositions to shift the paradigm: the ideal place where Food, Health, Environment, Culture and Social Values meet Economy.

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