Varna`s first Street Food Festival

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There has always been one thing missing in Varna – a proper street food festival to combine all of the city delicious goodies in one place. “Улицата на готвачите” (Street Food Market) has taken upon the task of gathering a selection of the best food Varna has to offer and organised the first gourmet Street Food Festival in Varna.

Expected many of food lovers from all corners of the locals and town visitors, the back of the Festival and Congress Centre turned into a foodie paradise with more than 20 exhibitors and chefs arriving to showcase some of the finest food in Varna. 


Our CAI Chefs and students were also one of the special guests in the festival, demonstrating great viatnamese cuisine with Spring Rolls and Tapiocca pudding! The queue from food lovers next to our kiosk was long, everyone was willing to try the great thing our team prepared for the festival.

Thank you everyone for passing by and see you at the next Street Food Market!