Our chef instructors at the Street Food & Art Festival, Varna

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To support the local culture and promote the modern food trends to the society is an important and regular initiative of Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management. Few days before our chef instructors’ departure to an international culinary competition in Turkey, they gave a demonstration at the unique of its kind event in Varna, namely Street Food & Art Festival, that took place in the Sea Garden of Varna, from August 29 to September 2, 2018.

The Street Food & Art Festival combined the flavors of freshly prepared street food with culinary movie projections, well-known actors’s kitchen secrets and of course demonstrations by the professionals.  Our representatives chef Vasil Yakimov, chef Stanislav Kubarev and chef Kaloyan Kolev revealed one of the special dishes that will compete this week in Turkey, namely the dessert Bulgarian Rose, boasting authentic Bulgarian taste thanks to the delicate combination of traditional Bulgarian products and the innovative chef’s approach.

You can see some photos from this open-air demonstration. Good luck to our chefs in their next  culinary challenge and will keep you informed!