Christmas spirit and taste at “Cooks’ Street” fest with Culinary Arts Institute

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The Christmas event of Bulgarian street food association, “Cook’s Street – Christmas edition” is taking place from 14 to 16 December, at the Festival and Congress Centre square in Varna and the organizers aim to make it an attractive venue for people, food, encounters and communion. The Christmas fever will be garnished with fresh food, music and lots of fun for Varna citizens and guests.

Chef-instructors and students of Culinary Art Institute (CAI) at Varna University of Management will offer you heartwarming culinary temptations. You could try bagel with salmon, “Blondie” – a white chocolate version of the traditional brownie, Easter bread muss, horseradish cream, pickle and other original and unusual delights.

The Culinary Arts Institute is well known among the professionals in the field with the quality of education as well as to the foodies with the special theme events and dinners organized by students as part of their study program in Varna.

Presently the culinary programs offered by Varna University of Management are the only international undergraduate programs in Eastern Europe leading to a Bachelor degree in culinary arts. The programs are: the three-year professional bachelor degree in “Gastronomy and culinary arts” the four-year bachelor degree in “Hospitality management and culinary arts”. An important and mandatory part of the education are the internships in some of the finest European restaurants where the students can master their skills with world-famous chefs and establish good professional contacts. The best students have the unique opportunity to practice under the leadership of 2 and 3 Michelin stars restaurants’ chefs.