Culinary Arts as an Innovative Tourism Development Approach

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Culinary Arts demonstration by CAI chefs

In the season of summer holidays, bright sun and sea breeze the international forum dedicated to the leading hospitality industry in our sea capital took place at Varna University of Management. The two-day event for exchange of business ideas and innovations, training opportunities and employment in the field of hospitality gathered entrepreneurs, representatives of educational institutions and young people from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Northern Macedonia, focusing on important topics such as sustainable development and viability of the business, qualification and workforce, new tourist products and services and their promotion.

One of the topics on the forum was related to the requirement for using innovative methods and technologies, which allow the transformation of the conventional tourism into a modern presentation of the tourist service as an emotional experience, sensual feeling and an unforgettable memory. It is clear for all of us that the best way to satisfy, caress the senses and touch somebody’s heart is through offering them professionally cooked, divinely delicious and finely presented food.

This is the time when our chef instructors in the Culinary Arts Institute joined with their fascinating culinary demonstrations. The topic was ‘Show cooking and organization of culinary events: Attracting tourists through food presentation’. Some of the issues discussed included the role of plating and the need for complying with the principles of sustainable cooking.

Attractive and creative as always, our chef instructors prepared culinary masterpieces that will surely tempt every tourist and make him come back again and again to the same place, keeping the memory for the unforgettable flavors and emotions.

The first demonstration was by chef Vasil, who presented a healthy starter – ’12 textures of carrots and citrus fruits’, vegan version. In line with his style, he went for the conception of the so called ‘ugly’ vegetables. This means he used shapeless products (with non-commercial appeal) which are often underestimated and not chosen by the customers, but actually have a unique appeal and taste better.

The culinary show continued with chef Kaloyan, who prepared marinated Norwegian Garfish filet with beetroot textures, smoked eggplant tartar and rice vermicelli coral. With the traditional Russian dish ‘Syrniki’ (variation of pancakes), but prepared with roasted apricots and caramelized bananas. The modern professional presentation of chef Stanislav impressed the whole audience. In the end, the program director of the Culinary Arts Institute – chef Hugues presented unbaked cool cheesecake with togarashi and caramelized peaches and cherries.

The culinary demonstration impressed the auditorium with the professionalism, variety of techniques used, unique outlook and taste of the bites. All attendees firmly supported the idea that the gastronomy and the culinary art should be used as means for the development and innovative presentation of the tourist industry on the Balkan-Mediterranean region.

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, an employer or researcher in the hospitality sphere, a user of tourist services or just a culinary connoisseur, who is planning the perfect event for relatives or business partners, do not miss to feel the magic of the professional culinary by taking advantage of the new service offered by the Culinary Arts Institute – the so called ‘boutique catering’. Whether you are planning a private dinner or a celebration of up to 200 guests, a corporate event, a wedding or any special occasion, the professional culinary team of Catering by CAI will be at your assistance to make your memories fine and delicious.