The World-renowned Chefs Gianfranco and Anna Chiarini visit the Culinary Arts Institute

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Dieci at CAI

From 18 to 23 January 2022, the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management will host the world-renowned Chefs Gianfranco and Anna Chiarini. They served personalities like the Emir of Kuwait, a number of presidential and royal families and other prominent figures in politics and secular life, participated in the opening and management of boutique hotels and restaurants, as well as in the development of over 200 restaurant concepts found in nearly 115 countries, and in the next few days they will work actively with students from the culinary programs of the Institute and will delight residents and guests of Varna with three irresistible dinners.

Today the young chefs at CAI had the great privilege to meet and work side by side with the world-famous culinary experts, and Chef Gianfranco made a culinary demonstration of one of the dishes that will include the ten-course menu for the upcoming dinners – ice cream from sweet Bulgarian peppers, prepared with liquid nitrogen.

The history of the Chiarini family in Bulgaria began in 2015, when Chef Gianfranco Chiarini was invited as a guest chef at a culinary festival in Bansko, and then he and his wife organized a week-long trip during which they fell in love with our country. Their travels in Bulgaria revealed breathtaking natural views, natural products and opportunities to live closer to nature and in harmony with it. They discovered the beauty of small rural areas, where time flows differently, food tastes better, people are calmer, and the whole local community is always there for help.

It is in such a place, in the depopulated but beautiful and naturally rich Bulgarian village of Devino, that they discovered the crumbling building of the old school, which they renovated and turned into their home and not only – into a home for the guests of a unique restaurant – the “Dieci” boutique restaurant (from Italian – ten).

“Dieci” follows strict rules and discipline, accommodates only 10 guests by prior reservation and offers a 10-course menu. Dieci’s mission is to create the perfect culinary experience – intimate, unforgettable, delicious, clean, authentic, with natural products, with homage to Bulgarian cuisine, refracted through the eyes of two true citizens of the world.

The concept of “Dieci” is perseverance, a phenomenal culinary experience and local products from nearby producers. According to Chef Gianfranco Chiarini, the food in a restaurant remains the most important, but it is based on the product, on the terroir from which it comes. Therefore, he aims to bring to the fore the uniqueness of the Bulgarian products created with the magic of the Bulgarian nature and the diligence of the local producers.

This concept goes beyond the idea of ​​a restaurant in the sense of a place to eat and speaks of values ​​and lifestyles. And it is exactly this way of thinking that the world-renowned culinary professionals would like to pass on to the young chefs studying at the Culinary Arts Institute.