We are at the beginning of the hottest summer month!

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Бейби салатки с лайм дресин и гриловано пилешко

We are at the beginning of the hottest summer month! Sea, sun, beach, cold drink and… fresh salad, of course 🙂 To complete the summer pleasure, the chef-instructors from the Culinary Arts Institute will share some little secrets from the kitchen. In a series of posts, we’ll be featuring some summer fresh salad offerings that are the result of our wonderful partnership with Green To Go Farm. You will see for yourself – good partnerships lead to brilliant results!

Our first suggestion is a Fresh mix of baby salads with lemon dressing and grilled chicken. See the full recipe:

Products in kg for the salad: 0.05 Green To Go Farm salad mix 0.005 Green onion 0.01 Red onion 0.001 Lime peel 0.007 Roasted slivered almonds
Products in kg for the dressing: 0.05 Lime juice 0.003 Lime peel 0.15 Grape seed oil 0.05 Olive oil 0.01 Dijon mustard 0.004 Salt 0.02 Honey

Products in kg for Chicken: 0.5 Chicken breast 0.05 Soy sauce 0.03 Sesame oil 0.02 Mirin 0.003 Salt 0.01 Garlic 0.02 Oyster sauce
Procedure: for the dressing: 1. Place everything in a blender jar and blend until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. For the chicken: 1. Put the chicken in a pan, add all the ingredients and massage it well, leave for 24 hours in the fridge. 2. Bake on the barbecue until done. For the salad: 1. Place the lettuce and onions in a bowl and season with 0.02 kg of the dressing. 2. Place the grilled chicken on the plate, then add the salads and finally garnish with the almonds and lime zest.