Despite the uniqueness of the Culinary Arts Institute educational programmes, the constant desire of our Chef Instructors to learn and develop gave birth to the idea of ​​creating and introducing new and modern disciplines in the learning process of the culinary students.

With a lot of diligence and attention to detail, they have created a uniquely combined set of short intensive modules, designed to stimulate the growth of the students as professionals in the HoReCa industry.

As part of their learning process, the 2nd year students at the Culinary Arts Institute took part in a discipline called “Social Media Marketing for Chefs” given by Mr. Benjamin Wild, founder of, Switch Coworking Varna and many others.

The purpose of this module is to help future chefs build and develop their image as professionals, using the various social media platforms used today. With the participation of Mr. Wilde, our students learned the basics of social media marketing, content creation, strategical thinking, audience retention, the role of different social platforms, the proper use of each of them and how to stimulate their professional growth using digital marketing tools.

At the end of the module, the students had to create their own website to use for work and self-promotion.

Each student received a completion diploma from Mr. Wild, after a class where they received feedback on their final assignments. Our readers can also get acquainted with the student’s achievements, as we are listing their websites below.

The Social Media Marketing for Chefs class, which is unique to VUM, was created 3 years ago and is just one of the various new modules our students receive. They also study digital photography and food photography, bartending, waste control management/upcycling, molecular cuisine and more. We believe in giving our students the tools to succeed inside and outside the kitchens for the 21st century.

WEBSITE CREATION W2022-2023 Assignment: