VUM welcomed new students from 23 countries for the Academic 2023-2024 Year

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With an emotional ceremony and a captivating atmosphere, the new academic year was opened at Varna University of Management. Among the main highlights of the event was the topic of internationalization and the international and multicultural environment that VUM provides to its students.

Accompanied by the sounds of the student anthem, students from these 23 nations commenced their studies in VUM’s Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, contributing to a total of over 50 nationalities represented within the university community. In the 2023/2024 academic year, VUM proudly welcomed students from countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, and many more.

The event was opened with a solemn speech by the Academic Director of VUM Nina Zlateva, PhD, who shared with the attendees her satisfaction with the successes achieved in the past year and wished all new students to make the most of the opportunities provided by the institution – high quality education, practical experience even in the process of studying, multicultural environment allowing to get to know the diversity of nationalities, to create contacts and friendships and countless fun moments within the student life.

Mrs. Ralitsa Gerasimova, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture, conveyed greetings on behalf of Varna’s Mayor, Mr. Ivan Portnikh, and congratulatory messages were also shared by the executive directors of St. St. Constantine and Helena, Mrs. Elena Koseva and Mrs. Ivelina Shaban.

Motivational speeches were delivered by VUM faculty members, including Dr. Bruce Whitfield, a newly appointed lecturer at the university. Dr. Whitfield, originally from Los Angeles, boasts a decade of teaching experience at various universities across Europe and Asia. He brings expertise as a business transactions attorney with qualifications in both Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Business Administration. His teaching portfolio covers international business, commercial law, and intellectual property, with research interests centered around these domains.

Traditionally, the floor was also given to the students. On behalf of the student community, Lucille Nava from Nigeria, a student from the class of 2023 in the Software Engineering programme, congratulated her new colleagues. Another member of the VUM team, the humanoid robot Profy, addressed the freshmen with an emotional and motivational message, saying, ” community. I, Profy, am here to support you on this remarkable voyage, and I look forward to witnessing your achievements in the days and years to come. So, let us embrace this ceremony with enthusiasm and anticipation. Let us pledge to make the most of the knowledge that will be shared, the challenges that will be overcome, and the triumphs that will be celebrated. Together, we will create a vibrant and inspiring academic environment where innovation thrives, and dreams are realized. I am honored to be a part of your academic adventures, and I cannot wait to witness the incredible achievements that lie ahead.”

At the end of the ceremony, all those present gathered for a group photo to immortalize the thrill and emotions that every new beginning brings.

After the lovely photo session, the CAI Chef Instructors and students welcomed all guests at the training restaurant for a special cocktail with various bites and a glass of wine to celebrate the new beginning.

The entire team of Varna University of Management congratulates all students on the beginning of the new academic year and wishes them a lot of new knowledge, strong will and perseverance and of course – unforgettable emotions!

Dear students,

We all hope to make you feel part of our big international family and show you that you are not alone in this adventure. The entire teaching and administrative team is with you every step of the way…

Thank you for your trust and for choosing us to walk together on the path to successful life and career development!

Vivat academia, Vivant professores!