CAI Team won the awards of the Culinary Cup of Bulgaria 2022

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Once again, the students from the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management impressed the professional jury of the National Culinary Cup of Bulgaria. The alumni of the Varna school grabbed first places in the categories “Best Culinary Team” and “Veal” for the “Perfecto” Trophy. This year’s edition of the competition was held from April 18th to 20th at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia and involved over 100 chefs from culinary academies and professional chefs.
First place in the category “Best Culinary Team” definitely deserved the students majoring in “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” from the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management – Krassimir Banaliev, Ivan Saramandov and Ivaylo Gaserov with coach Kaloyan Kolev. They impressed the jury in the first round with an interpretation of lamb soup for an appetizer. The main dish they presented was a stuffed quail soup with goose liver and pistachios, garnished with beetroot and black garlic tart, beetroot espuma, carrot roll, stuffed with pea and fennel puree, glazed baby carrot with black spring truffle and Zhu sauce with 20-year-old brandy from the Euxinograd residence. And for dessert – a classic souffle with strawberry towers, green pepper and lime, Chartreuse ice cream and pickled strawberries with elderberry juice. In the second round, the team of the Graduate School of Management proved to be the best and coped with the challenge “Black Box” with mandatory appetizers – oysters and cucumbers, for the main – pork loin and parsnips, for dessert – white chocolate, strawberries and fulletin. Varna took the lead with over 500 points ahead of the runners-up.
In the “Veal” category, the Perfecto Cup was won by Andonia Filumena Tsarvenkova from the 1st year in the specialty “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” with coach Chef Hugues Boutin.
She impressed the jury with roasted beef bon fillet accompanied by su-type shrimp, reduced duck broth and spruce sauce, potato espuma, sautéed mushrooms spruce in the company of blanched asparagus in shrimp broth, shrimp foam, spinach and mushroom powder .
The National Culinary Cup of Bulgaria is the largest culinary competition in Bulgaria, where the best and bravest chefs can compete, competing in various categories, both for professionals and young chefs. Main organizer of the event of the Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs. Traditionally, the chefs of Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management are winning the applause and the trophies from the jury every year.