Chef – Instructor


Stanislav Kubarev is a Chef Instructor at the Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management in Bulgaria. Open minded and creative individual, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, who is happy to share his skills and knowledge with passionate students and food enthusiasts. He started his culinary career in New Zealand, learning his craft at the Wellington Technology Institute and NZ School of Food and Wine. Since then, Stanislav Kubarev has been working in 4 different countries in multiple restaurants learning about various cuisines of the world, including the 2 Michelin-starred Portuguese restaurant Vila Joya. In 2013, he started a job at the high-level private culinary school SWISSAM as Chef Instructor and soon realised that his passion is not limited only to learning and practicing the art of cooking, but to share his knowledge and help raise the level of education and consciousness of people from the industry and amateurs alike. In 2016, Chef Stanislav moved to Varna, Bulgaria and started his current position at the Culinary Arts Institute, helping a lot for the development of the culinary programmes. Chef Stanislav keeps current in new cooking technologies, techniques and ideas by constantly researching and practicing his craft. Besides cooking and teaching, Chef Stanislav is mastering a second profession of food photography and videography, running a food recipes channel on YouTube. Time to time, he is involved in the creation of visual materials for the Culinary Arts Institute. One piece of advice that Chef Stanislav is always happy to share with his students is: “Life is too short, so you have to enjoy what you are doing”.